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Author Linda61

Written for Mulder's refuge's May contest: 
'When other agents go bad'. 

Rating. Anyone over 13 

Category: MT, MSR 

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Again I'd like to thank my beta and friend Lisa.
No finished story without you Lisa. Thanks so 
much for your help. 


Shattered Shadow 


by Linda61   

Carefully, trying not to make any sound a shadow
went through the hall, searching for the right 
number. When he reached no. 42 he put his ear to 
the door and listened for any sound. He could hear
the television on low but no footsteps of the 
person living in the apartment. Not that he 
expected any, it was 4am; most people were 
asleep at that time. He opened his bag and took 
the little package out. Slowly, not to shake it
too much he placed it right in front of the door. 


'Good morning Agent Mulder, rise and shine,' 
the shadow thought and turned around to 
disappear again into the night. 



Two hours later. 


Mulder slowly woke up. For the first time in 
ages he'd managed to sleep through the night 
and felt it. He was rested. He climbed off the 
couch and stretched. "Coffee" his brain prodded 
him and he walked to the kitchen to make some. 


Humming softly he did his morning 'business' 
took some clothes he dropped the night before 
of the floor and tried to find some clean ones. 
He did the tried and trusted sniff test and 
then sighed. "I really should do my laundry 
tonight, I'm out of clothes" he mumbled. 


Suddenly he heard a sound at the door and when 
he took a peek through the spy hole he recognized 
the paper boy. Mulder opened the door and he was 
welcomed with a: "Hi Mr. Mulder, here's your 
newspaper. By the way, someone left a package 
for you." 


"Thanks kid" he said, took the paper and stared 
down at the package lying by his feet. The boy 
walked away and disappeared into the elevator. 
Mulder shrugged. It wasn't the first time someone 
left a package at his door. He bent over to pick it
up. He held it in his hand, staring at it a long 
moment and for some reason he suddenly felt a 
strange sensation. The hairs on the back of his 
neck started to stand up and his inner alarm system 
went off. <Put it down, danger!> it said. Mulder 
looked at the package and was about to put it back 
down when suddenly the thing exploded. 


Mulder felt himself careening backwards with 
force of the blast. The explosion wasn't even 
that big but enough to throw him off his feet 
across the room. Dazed and confused Mulder 
looked around and after only seconds he felt 
excruciating pain crashing in.   

Initially he hadn't thought he was hurt all that 
badly but when the pain started, he opened his 
eyes wide and screamed, staring in utter shock 
at his hands. 

"God, oh god!" he yelled. The pain was terrible 
and his heart cannoned inside him. The skin was 
hanging from his hands and blood poured off them 
in large rivulets pooling at his feet, also his 
chest started to throb and he doubled over, as his 
breathing started to fail.  Mulder just collapsed 
on the floor, shaking, not knowing what to do. He 
couldn't even get up, could hardly breath from the 
agony crawling up his chest. "Scully, need Scully" 
he mumbled right before he lost consciousness. He 
never heard his neighbors yelling for the police 
and the Ambulance sirens.


A few days earlier 

Basement office FBI   

Mulder was bored because there was nothing to do.
 Or, nothing to do that he felt like tackling 
today. There was always the dreaded paperwork of 
course and Skinner already ordered him to finish 
that ASAP, but to concentrate on work like that 
was too hard for him right now. His concentration
was off and he felt tired. So, he was bored. 
Extremely. He sighed and looked up to see Scully, 
his 'more than just a colleague' partner. If they 
only...then he wouldn't be bored, his mind played 
out dangerous possibilities and he tried to tuck 
them back into the corner of his brain, labeled, 
' for when the time is right'. He sighed again. 

"Oh for goodness' sake Mulder, will you cut 
it out!" 

"But I'm bored Scully." he whined, jiggling 
back and forth on his computer chair. 

"Then start doing the paperwork Skinner ordered 
you to do Mulder, it seems I'm the only one 
doing that right now and I'm not planning to 
finish all of it on my own. So quit whining, 
pick up your pen and start those idle fingers 

"You're no fun" he mumbled, but then picked up 
his pen, sighed again and started on the job 
he hated so much, chewing the end in his mouth.   

Not even ten minutes later his phone rang. Not 
waiting for the next ring he picked it up 
yelling: "Mulder!"   

"Agent Mulder" the voice on the other side 
boomed uncomfortably off his eardrums. A voice
belonging to AD Skinner. 

"AD Skinner, I'm sorry, I uhm .. I'm still 
working on those papers, but...."   

"Never mind that right now Mulder, I have 
a request."   


"I'd like to talk to you, could you come 
over to my office and bring Agent Scully 
with you please."   

"Yes sir." Mulder hung up and looked 
pointedly at Scully.   

"What have you done now?" she asked, 
noticing his consternation. 

"Nothing! I think. Did I do something? 
Anyway, Skinner asked us to come to his 
office, so let's go. Wouldn't want to 
miss the party eh?" 

"At least you're not bored anymore." 

"What? Oh, yeah, guess you're right" Mulder 
laughed and more or less pushed Scully out 
the door. 

A couple of minutes later Skinner's secretary 
told them to go into his office. 

"Agents Mulder and Scully, please take a seat." 

Mulder was confused. Did he or didn't he do 
something wrong? Even Scully thought Skinner 
was a bit too polite. She didn't trust it. 
Something was going on. 

"Sir" Mulder said, "You had a request?" 

"VCU wants your help Mulder." 

Scully sat up straight immediately. "No, Sir, 
you know Mulder doesn't work for VCU anymore!" 

"What she said," Mulder piped up pointing at 
Scully, wondering if he should laugh or feel 
annoyed that she answered so protectively for 
him. He decided it was kinda cute and let it 
go and hoped she read his grateful expression 

"Please hear me out Agent Mulder, it's not as 
bad as you think." Although he talked to Mulder, 
he was looked at Scully, like he was apologizing 
to her for asking her partner. "VCU is short on 
people right now and they want you to create a 
profile. A young man was murdered, found last 
week, but the agent currently working on this 
case doesn't seem to get any further. He's 
hitting a brick wall as far as coming up with 
any leads. They need a fresh profile on the Unsub 
so they can work on, right now they're stuck. 
That's where you come in. Actually that's all 
you're supposed to do."   

Mulder nodded. "Ok, I'll do it."   

Skinner handed him the file. "Read through it 
And  let me know what you think ok?" Turning 
to Scully he said: "The moment you think he 
goes too far, warn me. I don't think it's a 
difficult case, but knowing Agent Mulder you 
never know."   

"Yes sir" Scully answered, trying to quell 
her inner warning bells.   

During the walk back to their office Scully was 
quiet. "What are you thinking Scully? Tell me?"

Scully stopped. "I just hope he's right. I mean, 
it wouldn't be the first time a simple consult 
case turns out to be nasty."   

"It will be ok Scully, I promise to be careful, 
and you're with me, backing me up what can go 
wrong?" Mulder took her hand and squeezed it. 
"Really, it will be ok."   

Scully looked at him for a couple of seconds
 and then sighed: "Yeah, of course. Ok come 
on, let's go back, I'll make us some fresh 

"Oh and Scully? You're right. I'm not bored 
anymore. Got something else to get my teeth 
stuck into." 

"Ok, I'll buy a early dinner on the way home. 
You can get an early start on things then."  

After a couple of silent hours reading the 
file, studying the crime scene photos and 
making notes Mulder started to talk again. 
"I think Skinman was right Scully. It doesn't 
seem like such a hard case. Certainly not as 
complicated as an X file. Actually, I think 
this murder might be an accident. An accidental 
murder I mean."   

"Why's that?" Scully asked. 

"Well, look at the photos Scully. See how the 
body of the boy was placed and positioned down 
in the grave carefully? His hands bound together 
as if in prayer. His clothes are clean, in order. 
Even his hair was combed. Nothing was stolen. The 
body still had his wallet, no money seems to have 
been stolen, there's a tidy few dollars here and
his ID was also in with it. It's like the murderer 
wanted to say 'I'm sorry, didn't mean to do it, 
please take care of him.' The body was even buried
at a spot the murderer was sure it would be found 

Mulder stretched his stiff muscles. He looked at 
the name in the file of the agent who already 
worked on the case; an Agent Ross. "I want to 
talk to this agent Scully, are you coming?"   

"Mulder it's getting late already. I'm sure 
Agent Ross is home already. Let's go home too 
"Home? As in..?"   

"You're welcome to come with me Mulder, you 
know that."   

Not even wanting to argue that they both left 
together, Mulder wearing a huge smile on his 
face, his hand at her back in its customary 

The next day Mulder and Scully went to talk to 
Agent Ross. Mulder tried to get more information 
but discovered he didn't get more than he already 
knew from the file. Ross seemed almost hesitant, 
disinterested. Mulder thought that was odd but 
had other avenues planned for investigation. He 
let it go for now. The whole reason he'd been 
called in was because it was believed he'd 
make progress.  

"The grave was found by local children" Ross had 
told them. "They didn't know what it was at first, 
but when one of the children told his parents what 
they found, the father immediately called the 
police. And then they called us. All we know so 
far is the boy's name, uhm..Danny Schultz, age 18. 
He was local. He was murdered by strangulation. Just 
a normal boy, nothing special, no criminal record." 

Mulder nodded. "Yeah, that's what the file said, 
not much yet. I'd like to talk to friends of Danny, 
maybe they know more. His employer if he had one, I 
see you already talked to them too Agent Ross?" 

"Yes I did, but they didn't seem to know something. 
Like I said, Danny was an easygoing, normal teen boy. 
Quiet, kept to himself. I'm sorry I can't give you 
more information." 

Mulder turned to Scully. "Could you go through the 
autopsy records again? Just to be sure? Let me go 
talk to Danny's friends. I'll see you at the office 
this afternoon. Okay?" 

Scully wanted to protest because she didn't want to 
let him go alone, she felt uneasy and couldn't 
explain why to herself, let alone her partner but 
then she decided that even Mulder couldn't go far 
wrong on interviewing a couple of kids. "Sure, see 
you this afternoon, but know what we agreed on okay? 
If anything is wrong you call me. Right away." 

"Yeah yeah." Mulder mumbled, already thinking what 
to ask. He walked away to his car deep in thought
 and spiraling into profiler mode, not looking 
back once. Even Scully had to laugh about that. 

After talking for more than two hours with Danny's 
friends at one of the boys' house, Mulder was stuck. 
Danny disappeared without leaving a trace, until he 
was found that is. He thanked the kids for their time 
and wanted to leave when a girl came in. "Hello" he 
said. He startled the girl, she didn't see him 
standing behind the door of the house, saying goodbye 
to the others. "What's going on?" she asked. "Agent 
Mulder of the FBI", Mulder said, flipping her a glance 
at his badge. "I'm trying to find the murderer of your 
friend Danny, I already talked to the others, could you
spare a few moments so I talk to you too please?" He 
smiled reassuringly at the girl, to let her know it was
ok and she didn't have to be scared. 

"Yeah, sure, no problem. I don't know a thing though." 

"That's ok, ahh.. what's your name?" 

"I'm Lucy sir, Lucy Michaels." 

"Ok, Lucy Michaels, let's talk then, it won't take
long. Let's go outside." 

"You knew Danny well Lucy?" Mulder asked. 

"Well yes, we've been to school together, but 
that's not uncommon, this is just a small town. 
The kind of place where we get to know people well. 
Danny never mixed much though." 

"Did you notice anything the days before Danny 
disappeared? His behavior? Did he suddenly had 
a lot of money? Anything." 

Lucy thought about that question a couple of minutes 
but then shook her head. "Nope, nothing, his behavior 
was no different than other days." Her face was sad. 
"I'm sorry I can't help, I wish I could, I liked Danny." 

"We'll do our best to catch the murderer Lucy, but 
I have to be honest, we just don't have much to go 
on. Thanks for your time anyway." And with that he 
turned around to go to his car. 

He was about to get in when he heard a "Agent 
Mulder, agent Mulder!". Mulder looked back and 
saw Lucy running towards him. "I remember something, 
but I don't know if it's important. Actually it's 
kinda stupid now that I think of it, never mind. 
Sorry to bother you." 
"No no, please Lucy, tell me, what did you want 
to say?" 
"Well, I remember Danny telling me he had some 
problems with the father of a girl he knew. He 
really liked her, but her father found out he was 
a couple of years older and he told Danny to leave 
her alone. But that was a while back already, so I'm
not sure if he'd been seeing her recently. He never 
said that much other than that. He was shy. He never 
talked about his problems often, just that one time 
only. I think he was kind of upset about it. He 
really liked her. Took him a while to get the 
courage to talk to most girls."  

"Do you know her name?" 

"Her name? Oh geez, yeah, uhm, he did mention 
her name. What was it now?...Something like Boss, 
Josh. No wait; it was Ross, that's it. Ross. Judy
..Judy Ross, now I remember." 

"Ross?" Mulder was stunned, prickles setting 
him on alert deep down. Could there be a 
connection?   ...Naaah, must be a coincidence. 
Ross wasn't an uncommon name. Or maybe. "Are you

"Yes, yes I'm sure. I even think he said her 
father was a cop or something, but I could be 
wrong there." 

Mulder grabbed the girl by her shoulders. 
"Thanks Lucy, you're a big help." Then he 
almost ran back to his car. He couldn't 
believe it; he couldn't wait to tell Scully. 
Maybe it was the lead they had been looking 
for. And it would explain a few things that 
had been niggling him all afternoon. 

While on his way back to the office he called 
Scully on her cell phone. 

"Scully where are you?"   

"I'm almost ready to go Mulder, what did you 
find out? You sound excited."   

"Just come to the office Scully, I think I 
have something." 

"I'll be there in an hour Mulder. Your turn 
to make coffee."   

Mulder smiled and disconnected the call.

In the office Mulder told Scully what he'd 
found out. He told her about the name he 
heard and that he already thought maybe a 
cop was involved. Not knowing the cop was 
an agent of the FBI. An agent they were 
working with at that moment.   

"I already checked the name of Agent Ross' 
daughter Scully. It's Judy, and she's fourteen. 
What did you find out by the way?"   

"Nothing more than we already knew. Danny was 
strangled, time of death inconclusive because 
the ground was very wet. So you really think 
it's 'our' Agent Ross who did it?"   

"I think so Scully. I have some cross referencing 
to do and check his whereabouts or see if he has 
an alibi. But like I said before, I think it may 
have been an accident. Maybe he got angry with 
the boy because he was seeing his daughter. I 
don't know. Things done in the heat of the moment. 
Ross is a big guy. He was out in Iraq with military. 
Trained in multiple combat techniques. He may have 
snapped, but after he killed him he took care of 
the body. That's not something a professional 
murderer would do. This person respected life, 
even though he took one." 

"How are we gonna do this Mulder? We need proof. 
Only knowing his daughter's name and linking him 
that way can't be enough. We need more solid 
evidence. A warrant to search his home." 

"Let's just have a talk with him first. We just 
say we have some information and we think a cop 
is involved. Not more than that. Let's see how he 
reacts. Give him time to come clean. I would 
think he'd be bursting to tell someone. It's a 
lot to bottle up if this was a heat of the moment 
thing. He pointed at the coffee pot, "I sure would 
love some coffee first though. I think I'm gonna 
need it." 
"Something wrong with your hands Mulder?" Scully 
asked, but then got up to pour both of them a cup. 
Like Mulder she also needed some liquid sustenance 
before seeing Agent Ross.   

Mulder was already on the phone. "Agent Ross? We 
like to talk to you again if possible. Shall we say, 
in our office in half an hour? Okay thanks." Then he 
hung up the phone. 

"I hope that coffee is strong Scully." He shook his 
head sadly, hoping for the first time in his career 
he was wrong, but deep in his heart he knew he wasn't. 
Scully passed him a cup with one hand and squeezed his 
shoulder in empathy.   

Half an hour later there was a knock on the door of 
the basement office. Both took a deep breath but 
Scully opened the door to let Agent Ross enter.   

"Agent Ross, please come in. Sit down." Scully tried 
to sound as normal as possible.   

Mulder had a pencil in his hand, playing with it, 
turning it around not trying to show he was a bit 
anxious. He made careful eye contact with older 

"Agent Ross" Mulder started. I gathered some 
information that showed what I already suspected 
after reading the file you gave me. I think a cop 
is involved." Mulder kept fiddling the pencil, like 
nothing special was going on. Keeping it all vague. 
But he also watched Ross to see how he reacted. Or 
rather how he didn't react. Agent Ross didn't even 
blink an eye. Cool customer, Mulder thought. Was 
he wrong after all? 

"A cop? You're kidding me! Where did you get 
that information?"   

"I'm sorry, I can't tell you that right now, but 
I think the person is trustworthy enough to take 
the information seriously."   

"Well if you're certain about that we have to
 work with along that premise then." Agent Ross 
pushed his chair away and stood up. I hope you 
don't mind, but I have to go. I promised my wife 
I'd be back early, it's her birthday." 

"Of course Agent Ross, have a nice evening" 
Scully said with small smile. "We'll see 
each other tomorrow again. Bright and early." 

With that Ross nodded and walked out the door, 
leaving Mulder and Scully alone. 

Mulder dropped his pencil on the desk. "That 
was odd." he said, rubbing his tired eyes. 

"Very." Scully shrugged. "I don't know Mulder, 
are you sure about this?" 

Mulder stood up, started to walk around in 
the office, mumbling, thinking. Then suddenly 
he turned around and said: "Yes, yes I'm sure. 
He gave off so many vibes there it rattled my 

"Right, let's go home then." She rubbed her 
hand over his back when he cringed putting 
his jacket on and he smiled his thanks for 
the comfort. "I think we have to talk to Skinner 
about this before we go on, but let's go home 
now, it's been a long day. This kind of situation 
always make me tired. If it's true what you said 
then I don't think we have to be afraid he will 
kill again. This can wait till tomorrow. Are you 
coming Mulder?" 

"Sorry Scully, but I'll be staying at my apartment, 
I have to think this through." He took her hand 
and kissed it. "Tomorrow." 

Scully smiled and touched his face. "Sleep Mulder, 
don't stay up all night. And yes. I'll be around 
if you need me. Just pick up the phone. Ok?" 

 They never noticed the man standing in the shadow 
of the dark hall. When Scully and Mulder disappeared 
into the elevator the shadow said: "Good night Agent 

The man in the shadow waited for ten minutes then 
also got into the elevator. He went back to his own 
office and grabbed his coat. "See you tomorrow" he 
said. "Night Ross", someone replied. 

Mulder heard familiar sounds. Sirens. The smell of 
burned flesh and his own blood, people trying to 
reassure beyond the volley of medical info they 
were exchanging all around him. "Oh no, not again. 
He tried to wake up but when he did the pain also 
returned in spades. The pain was back so sudden and 
with so much force he tried to get up yelling 
"Sculleeeeeeee". But Scully wasn't there yet; she 
was in her car trying to get to the hospital as fast 
as possible. Mulder did it again. But this time it 
really wasn't his fault. He was starting to panic but 
the paramedics soon had him sedated and started IVs 
and placed monitors on him. 

Scully couldn't believe it when she got the phone 
call. A bomb exploded at Mulder's place and he'd 
been holding it in his hands. It wasn't a big bomb; 
otherwise she would have been on her way to the
morgue, she choked back tears from the chill of 
that thought. But the fact Mulder was actually 
holding the bomb when it went off could only mean
he must be hurt badly. 'His hands, his beautiful
hands' she thought, and sobbed again. 


Georgetown Memorial   

The doctors were already working on Mulder when 
finally Scully arrived at the hospital. She 
stormed in asking for where her partner had been 
taken. It wasn't the first time he'd been here 
and most of the nurses knew them by sight. "Follow 
me Agent Scully, the doctor is waiting for you," one 
of them said.  
Scully could already hear him yelling as they 
neared the cubicle. "NOOONOOOO, SCULLEEEE, LEMME 
GO!!!! AAHHHH!"   

It was quite a shock to see him like this so much 
in pain and helpless. By now some of the sedative 
had worn off and they were posed to inject him with 
more. She couldn't ever get used to this.   

"Mulder" she said, "Mulder, calm down. It's ok, it's 
ok, and it will be ok." The doctor seemed to be 
relieved when he saw her coming in. He knew she 
could get him to calm down so they could work on him 
without sedating him. Again he was amazed to see how 
his patient reacted to his partner's soothing voice. 
Immediately he calmed down. He was in pain of course 
and he kept moaning, but at least the doctor could 
treat him. Scully ran her fingers through his hair 
and whispered a mantra of reassurance and love as 
they finished cutting his charred clothing away. 

"". Mulder tried to move his hand to take 
hers but he wasn't even able to move his arms at 
all now.  "Aaahhh". 

"Lay still Mulder, I'm here. It's going to be ok." 

"Scully...bomb... my hands." 

"I know Mulder. We think it was Ross, Skinner 
already sent agents out to pick him up. Now don't 
worry about that. We'll talk later ok? Just let 
the doctor do his work. I'm staying right here. 
I won't leave you."   

"Agent Scully?"   

Scully looked up hearing the doctor's voice. 
"We need to get some x-rays of his hands and 
chest. He could have some internal injuries 
from the explosive percussion." 


"Can I come with you?" Scully was a bit worried 
leaving Mulder alone right now. 

"Of course, but during the x-rays you'll have to
stay behind the screen in the ante-room, you know 

"I know, I'm a medical doctor. Mulder knows too." 
<I hope> she thought. 

The x-ray procedures didn't pose any problems due 
to the fact Mulder finally decided to black out. 
When he came to he was already on his way back 
to a ward.   

"Glad to see you awake again Mulder. You know, 
you're one lucky guy." Scully gave him a beautiful 
smile and stroked his forehead. 

" Don't lucky 
Thirsty Scully."   

"Your hands will be okay. You do have two broken 
fingers and you might need some grafting surgeries 
later because of the skin loss, but you won't lose 
your hands. Your chest is mostly okay, only cuts and 
bruises. But I guess it will hurt like hell in the 
next few days. Still, for someone actually holding a 
bomb when it exploded that's not bad at all. You'll be 
in the hospital a few days at least so they can monitor 
you. You're suffering from shock and smoke inhalation 
too." She gave him a sip of water now she was certain 
he didn't need an operation immediately.   

At that moment a nurse came in and injected something 
into his IV. "Good stuff" she whispered. 

"Tell me about being lucky...again...tomorrow 
Scu..l.." And with those words he closed his 
eyes and let the good stuff do its job. 

When Mulder woke up again he could hear Scully 
talking to someone. After a couple of minutes 
he realized she was talking on the phone. "Yes 
sir, thank you sir. Yes, I'll tell him the moment 
he wakes up. Yes.. yes...we're sorry too. Thank 
you sir."   

"Wazz tha.. Zzkinnah..?"   

"Mulder! Hi sleepy face. You're awake! Well almost 
that is. How are you feeling?" 

"I'm floating...Zzscullee.....Did they ..get..

"Agents picked him up at his own house Mulder. 
When they found him he was sitting on the steps 
in front of his house, crying. He knew it was 
over. Skinner just told me that Ross said he never 
wanted to kill Danny, but just freaked out when 
he found out he was still seeing his daughter
 despite his earlier warnings, and after the 
explosion at your place he realized what he 
had done, came to his senses big time and just 
gave up. He kept apologizing. I almost feel 
sorry for him." 

"Wha..?" Mulder turned his head to her.   

"I said 'almost' Mulder. I'm not that crazy. 
He almost killed you."   

"Scully? sure..about my hands?" 
"Yes Mulder, I'm sure."   

"I feel.." His eyes 
started to close. 
"You will."   


"You always will" she whispered and 
kissed his forehead. 

The end.