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Buzz by Linda61
Category: Angst  H
Fox and Cc own them I'm just scaring them Muuhahahha
Summary.  EEEK
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It's early morning and  Scully stepped out the elevator on Mulder's floor.
They wanted an early
start, hoping to get all the paperwork done.

Walking towards Mulder's apartment, number 42, she suddenly heard a
horrible, frightening scream. And that scream came from Mulder's apartment.
Doors flew open, heads popped out, wondering what was going on. Some rude
remarks were made by his long suffering neighbors.

"Oh no, not again",  someone muttered, rolling their eyes.  And then the
doors slammed closed again.

Scully carefully walked towards the door, imagining the most terrible things
in her head. Mulder on the floor, lying in blood, suffering, hurting. Shot,
beaten up? The only way to know is to get into his apartment quick and hope
she wasn't too late.

As silently as possible she turned the key and slowly opened the door,
afraid for what she might find.

"Mulder?" She whispered. Gun drawn.

She pushed the door open, holding the gun  aloft in readiness in her hand.
If there was someone still in there, she was ready for the bastard.

But as she entered, she was surprised to see Mulder standing in the middle
of his living room, cup in hand. Eyes agog and mouth hanging open in a
silent O. Thinking he was in shock, she breezed past him for an inspection
of the rest of the apartment to secure whatever lurked beyond.

"Mulder, you okay?" Scully looked around the apartment, but saw nothing. She
opened the door to his bedroom. Nothing. The kitchen. Nothing.

Something had to be wrong, she touched his arm, looking for blood or wounds,
but the only thing she saw was Mulder with an embarrassed grin on his face.

"Will you please tell me what is going on Mulder, all your neighbors could
hear you screaming like all the devils in hell. Did something scare you?

Mulder shuffled his feet and couldn't look at her.

"I...'s a bit...uhm..."

By now the fear Scully had was changing into annoyance, knowing nothing was
apparently wrong with him, but something made him scream like a girl and she
wanted to know what. Right now.

"Tell me Mulder!"

Pointing to the hand with the cup he said:

"There's a fly in my tea."