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TITLE: The legend of The Black Crow Inn
AUTHOR: Linda61
FEEDBACK: Yes please but its my first fic and I am 
Dutch so be gentle.
DISCLAIMER:  The lovely CC owns and made them Cool. 
DD and GA made them rock. Don't sue, not a lot of 
point. I can give you all the manure you want though. 
The joy of ponies. Hahahahha. (evil snigger) 
SUMMARY: This story is based on a real legend. The inn 
in this story is near my mother's house and I pass it 
every day. .To make it easier I changed the name of 
the Inn, because the real name is in Dutch dialect.

I listened to you SE.

This is my first fanfic. Have mercy.

Here we go.

The legend of The Black Crow Inn

 by  Linda61

It's 1746.  In the middle of a dark forest in the 
east of The Netherlands a hooded figure enters the 
Black Crow Inn. He asks the innkeeper for a drink and 
waits till he sees him going down to the cellar. 
Carefully he gets up and waits at the top of the 
stairs. Under his cape he's hiding a small axe.
The moment the innkeeper's head shows up, the hooded 
man swings his weapon.  The poor man doesn't even 
know what's happening to him. He's dead before he 
touches the ground.  The murderer walks through the 
inn and was expecting to find the innkeeper's wife in 
her bed, but she's gone. Before he realizes she's 
escaped, he's captured and in December of that year 
he was executed.

Present day, United Kingdom, somewhere in a  pub.

"I don't believe I'm here Mulder, I listened to you 
again. I wonder if I'll ever learn."  Special Agent 
Dana Scully of the FBI was hanging around in her 
chair, exhausted. Her partner, Special Agent Fox 
Mulder took a sip of his drink and sighed.

"I really thought this was it Scully, I really 
thought we found a genuine crop circle. How could I 
know some kids had found the perfect way to make it?"

 Scully looked at his disappointed face, smiled and 
said, "Let's go back to the hotel, if we're lucky we 
can get a flight back to Washington early tomorrow 
morning and find us a real X-file to solve."

Mulder paid the bill and both walked to the door when 
suddenly a man came walking towards them.

"Uhm, I couldn't help overhearing what you said," the 
man said with a heavy accent. "Could it be possible 
to talk to you for a moment?"

Mulder shrugged. "What about?"

"I think you call it an X-file", the man said.

Scully was almost at the door, but at hearing the man 
say  'X-file' she turned around. "What do you know 
about X-files?"

The man walked to their table and sat down. "I've 
been to Washington and visited the FBI office, there 
people were talking about unsolved mysteries, aka X-
files. My name is Paul Janssen, I'm from the 
Netherlands. I'm just here for a holiday and was 
having a drink when I heard you talking and I thought 
that maybe you could help me."

"Well actually, we're just on our way to our hotel, 
because we want to... "

Mulder interrupted.   "Help you with what?"

Scully sighed and sat down, knowing Mulder had 
already decided to listen and she had no choice to do 
so too.

"It's a long story", Paul Janssen started.  " It all 
began hundreds of years back in an old Inn in my home 
town". He started to tell about an old legend. The 
legend about the Black Crow Inn..... "and since then 
people regularly hear chains rattle and  go crazy 
when they try to stay in the old inn. It still exists 
and it's still empty. Everybody knows it's haunted, 
no one wants to live in there."

"It sounds very fascinating Mr. Janssen," Scully 
said, "but what do you want us to do?"

"My brother was one of the people trying to find out 
what was going on Agent Scully, but... he never came 
back.  He disappeared and nobody can find him.  He's 
my only brother, I want to know where he is, what 
happened to him."

"I'm sorry, but we have to go back tomorrow, you ..."

"Oh come on Scully" Mulder said, "We weren't even 
planning on going back for days, we could hop over to 
The Netherlands, see what's going on and be back 
within a week."

"But Mulder..", but she already knew she had lost; 
she saw the shining of his eyes, he was already 
solving this case in his mind, excited that he had a 
real "unsolved mystery" on his hands. A very old 
unsolved mystery. Scully knew they would be on a 
plane to the Netherlands within hours.

"Think about it Scully. The Netherlands, mills, 
tulips . . . legal hash?"  Scully rolled her eyes and 
walked out the door to the car. The sooner they 
solved this mystery, the sooner they'll be on their 
way back home.


East of the Netherlands, next day

"At least you found us a decent hotel Mulder, thank 
you for that."

"I don't think there are any crappy hotels around 
here, Scully, this isn't exactly a very poor area, 
did you see some of the houses here? And I think 
almost everybody has horses, I stopped counting, they 
have those tiny ponies too, rather cute don't you 

"Those are called Shetland ponies, Mulder, very 
popular in Holland."

"Whatever", Mulder mumbled. "Oh, there it is, we can 
just park outside the building and take a look."

"So this is it?" Scully looked around and turned to 
Mulder. "Not much, is it?"

"It's old Scully, it hasn't been used for ages."

"And where did all the forest go? I thought the man 
said the Inn was in the middle of a dark forest?"

"That was hundreds of years ago Scully, only pieces 
of forest are left, but this 'is' the Inn. Look the 
name is still on it. Uhm . . ."

"Herberg De Zwarte Kraai", someone behind them said. 
"In English 'The Black Crow Inn'. Are you the two FBI 
agents Paul talked about?"

"Yes", Mulder said. "This is Special Agent Dana 
Scully and I am Special Agent Fox Mulder. Paul 
Janssen asked us to look into the legend, and he was 
also hoping that maybe we could find out what 
happened to his brother."

"Ah yes" the man said, "a strange story, and people 
still see lights in the night and sometimes they hear 
a chain rattle. I never did myself though, but then 
again I am never here in the night."

"And you are...?" Mulder said.

"Oh dear, where are my manners. I am Jan van Duren, I 
am the owner of the Inn. Paul told me you would come, 
he misses his brother a lot and he really wants to 
know what happened to him. It's strange you know. He 
is not the only one who stayed in the Inn over night, 
but all the others came out. Crazy, but they did came 
out. Henk, Paul's brother, is the only one who 
disappeared. Anyway, here is the key, have fun. But 
don't blame me if something goes wrong. You are 

Mulder took the key and thanked the man, who walked 
away, mumbling something Mulder thought sounded a bit 
like 'crazy Americans'. He shrugged and turned to 
Scully, who obviously wasn't too happy about the 
whole situation.

"Are you sure you want to stay here during the night 

"If we want to find out what is going on, we have to 
Scully. All those men who stayed at the Inn went nuts 
during the night."

"Thanks, that sounded very encouraging. I'm so happy 
to have you as a partner."  Mulder smiled, he really 
loved her when she reacted like that. He couldn't 
even think being here with someone else. This was 

"Okay then, let's go in." Scully took the keys out of 
Mulder's hand and opened the door. "Yoohooo, anybody 

 Mulder laughed and followed her inside. Except for a 
few old chairs and a broken table the Inn was empty.

"Let's make ourselves comfortable Scully. I think 
it's gonna be cold tonight. I brought some blankets 
from the car and we have a thermos with coffee."

They looked around a bit, but didn't find anything 
out of the ordinary. Just an old empty building. 
Nothing special. Even the cellar was empty except for 
a few things that looked like left garbage. After a 
few hours, all was still quiet and Scully was getting 
cold and cranky.

"For goodness' sake Mulder, let's get out of here, 
nothing is going to happen."

Actually, Mulder was a bit disappointed too. Nothing 
had happened. Not a light, not a sound. No rattling. 
. . No, wait.

"Scully, did you hear that?"

"Hear what Mulder?" Scully was already getting her 
things together and folding her blanket, she was 
definitely on her way out, she wanted to be in her 
warm hotel bed within the hour.

"I thought I heard something, I think it came from 
the cellar, I'm going to have a look."

"I'm coming with you, but after that we're going back 
to the hotel. I'm cold and I'm tired."

They both took their flashlights and headed for the 
door to the cellar.  Mulder opened the door and 
looked down the stairs. "Ladies first, Scully."

Scully gave him 'the brow' and looked down the 
stairs. "We'd better be careful Mulder, it looks like 
parts of the wooden steps are gone. Watch where you 
place your feet."

Slowly Scully started descending the stairs, shining 
her flashlight around.  "I don't see a thing, it's 
empty". Suddenly she heard Mulder gasp and before she 
knew it she heard the cellar door slam and saw her 
partner falling down the stairs. When he landed she 
heard a sickening "crack".

"Mulder! My god, can you hear me?" Scully tried to 
keep her nerves together.

"Aahhhhhhh . . . S. ., l.. leg." 
Scully moved around him, trying to see his leg with 
only one flash light still working. "Oh my god,
Mulder, don't move, your leg is broken." She could 
see the leg was bent at a strange angle.

"I don't believe this, I don't believe this, I knew 
we shouldn't have come here."

"S..s..sorry.. S. Scully. H.. help, me please... 

"It's okay Mulder, it's not your fault. Do you know 
what happened? Did you slip?"

"I was p.pushed., I could feel it. do 

"You were pushed? That explains the door, someone 
pushed you down the stairs and slammed it shut."

Scully looked at him, he was in terrible pain but she 
didn't have anything to ease it.  They were only 
going down to look. She didn't expect this. Her bag 
was still upstairs. She didn't even have a blanket to 
cover him with and by now he was starting to shiver 
too. He was going in shock.

She had to do something. She tried to open the cellar 
door but it was stuck. She looked around, shining her 
flashlight on the floor of the cellar.  Nothing, 
there was nothing. Only an old package of tobacco and 
a little plastic bag with something that looked like 
... hash?

"Mulder, I can't get out right now, we have to wait 
till it's light, someone will see the car and start 
looking for us. The owner and Paul know we are here. 
We have to get you more comfortable, I think it's 
better to straighten out your leg a bit, but it's 
gonna hurt. Would you like me to help you so you can 
sit against the wall? I can hold you, it won't be so 
cold then."

"K..kay Scully, j.just do it, I am soo c..cold."

"I need you to help me a little  Mulder, I can't lift 
you;  you're too heavy. Try to push yourself with 
your good leg and I will pull you, your broken leg 
will automatically straighten out. It will hurt like 
the devil, so it's your choice, but I think it will 
be better for you. Just nod if you don't want to 

Scully saw his head nod slowly, but she also saw that 
he was scared, scared for the pain he knew he was 
going to endure. But he needed to get warmer and 
staying down on the floor wouldn't do that.

"Okay Mulder, on three then. One.. two... three. 
Push!!" Scully started to pull and Mulder pushed with 
his good leg, but at the same time pain exploded 
throughout his body and he started to scream. By the 
time she had him leaning against the wall, he was 
going out of his mind because of the agony and he was 
sweating profusely.

"Rest,  Mulder, I'm here." She could see tears 
streaming down his cheeks, but Scully could only hold 
him. Her hand smoothing comfortingly through his 
sweat soaked hair. "It's okay, it will be okay, 
shht."  Suddenly Scully realized something.  "I'll be 
right back Mulder, I have an idea". She walked to the 
corner where she'd remembered seeing the hash and the 
tobacco. Maybe that was the solution. Just this one  
time? She knew lots of people use hash as a 
painkiller. And.. well... it wasn't illegal in The 
Netherlands. It could work. "Mulder, I might be able 
to help you, but you have to be prepared smoke 

"I don't smoke Scully, what are talking 

"I could make you a joint, if you smoke it, it will 
ease the pain and give you nice dreams.  I still have 
the matches I brought in my pocket. The tobacco is 
old but it will have to do."

"Well b. bring on that d..dreamstick, S..Scully, I 
will t..try anything r..right now."

With some effort Scully made him a nice joint, and 
although he puffed and coughed Mulder smoked it all 
and after a few minutes he was starting to get high. 
And the dreams began as he lay in Scully's arms.  He 
could see the Innkeeper being murdered by a hooded 
man with an axe. He saw the surprised face of the 
innkeeper the moment he was ambushed. Blood pouring 
out of a horrible wound.  He saw the man's poor wife 
escape and run through the forest to the nearest 
house.  He saw the murderer being captured.  He heard 
chains rattle and lights float. He didn't know what 
was real or not.  Suddenly he saw the innkeeper 
coming at him. In his sleep Mulder tried to get away 
from him, but Scully was holding him tight, he  
wouldn't move if he wanted to.

"Go away.." Mulder shouted. "D..Don't."

"I won't hurt you, the innkeeper said.  I only scared 
a few people away, but I never hurt anyone 
physically. I just want to be left alone. This is my 
house, I was born here, I died here. The man who you 
are looking for was murdered by the owner. He wants 
to keep the legend alive, not knowing  I was here all 
the time.  You can find Henk's body in the old well. 
Most people don't even know it's on the property, 
that's why no one found him. The owner is also the 
one who pushed you off the stairs."

After that the man walked away and disappeared.

It was almost light when Mulder woke up again. Scully 
was still holding him, but he could feel her grip 
wasn't that tight anymore and he could hear by the 
way she was breathing she'd fallen asleep too.

"Scully, hey Scully, wake up."

Slowly she opened her eyes. "Morning Mulder, glad to 
see you awake.  You gave me quite a scare last night. 
It looked like you had nightmares and you tried to 
get out of my arms. I had to hold onto you, so you 
wouldn't move your leg and cause more damage. How are 
you feeling?"

"Still in a lot of pain Scully, but as long as I 
don't move it's ok. You were right about the 
nightmares though, I had the weirdest dreams. But 
guess what?"

"Scully looked at him surprised. Guess what, what do 
you mean guess what?"

"I think I know where Paul's brother is; he's in an 
old well here on the property. He was murdered by the 
owner. The innkeeper told me that, he visited me in 
my dream."

"But Mulder, that was a hash induced  dream, there 
was no one really here. You can't really think we 
will really find him there?"

"Just let them search for him Scully, I think they 
will find Henk's body and they have to arrest the 
owner and interrogate him. I'm sure he's the 


Two days later, at a hospital in the nearest city.

Mulder was lying in his bed. Bored stiff. His leg was 
in a cast and he had no books to read. Luckily he 
could watch TV, but there weren't any good games on. 
They only showed soccer here. And during the day they 
had those ridiculous commercial programs. In Dutch, 
he couldn't understand a word.

The hospital had strict rules about visiting hours 
and Scully wasn't allowed to stay with him. He would 
never admit it to her, but he felt so lonely he could 
almost cry when he heard her footsteps down the hall. 
He gave her a huge smile when she entered his room.

"Hi Scully, glad to see you. Did you bring me 
something? Some good food? Or sunflower seeds maybe?"

"I don't think the nurses here will be very happy 
with you spitting those shells around the room 
Mulder, so no I didn't bring you sunflower seeds. I 
brought you a bag of M and M's though.  Anyway, I 
wouldn't be surprised if they let you go today or 
maybe tomorrow. It was a clean break, you didn't even 
need an operation to pin and plate it this time."

"Great, I can't wait to get out. By the way, what did 
you find out?"

"They found the body Mulder. You were right all the 
time. After Paul found us and called the police and 
ambulance, they found Henk's body in the well under 
the tree trunks. No one even knew about it.  The 
owner of the Inn wanted to open a restaurant and he 
thought he could make more money by keeping the 
legend alive. Paul's brother was just curious and 
found out that Mr. Van Duren was keeping the legend 
alive himself by burning candles in the evening and 
putting around that people heard chains rattle.  When 
Henk said something about it, he was murdered by the 
owner and thrown into the well.  What nobody knew is 
that the innkeeper's ghost was around all the time. 
It never left. So it was all for nothing. The 
building is a listed monument, they won't tear it 
down. So actually Mr. Van Duren has what he wanted. 
The legend will definitely go on.  It didn't do him 
any good though. After he was arrested he was charged 
with murder and a few other counts of attempted 
murder. He won't be out of jail for a very long 

A few days later, Mulder and Scully were on their way 
back to Washington. Mulder was typing a report on his 
laptop, his heavily plastered leg sticking out and 
Scully sleeping on his shoulder. Life was good and in 
a few hours they would be home again.

Case closed.

The end.