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About Me.

Hello everybody,

Here it is then, my first own site, thanks to Lisa.


In case you don't know who I am, I'm Linda, or Linda61. Born and raised in The Netherlands. Actually, born and raised near Rotterdam. For those who don't know, that's in the west, near the coast; biggest harbor in the world. Now I live in the east. I prefer it here, more green.

What can I say about me. Well, I was born in 1961, I have an older sister and two older brothers. I think I can say I had a happy youth (with it's normal ups and downs). Before I was born my dad was a ships engineer, he sailed the seven seas, after that he was a teacher at a school of navigation (that's what my dictionary calls it). I didn't inherit his sea legs though. I'm not a water person, I never swim, I don't like the beach, and I only take the ferry if I have to. Lakes I like better, to see them, not in them. Because he was a teacher, he had loooong vacations. We traveled a lot, all over Europe. And I loved it, still do. Before I was twelve I can say I saw most of the European countries.

After going through all the school years, I started working when I was 21. Didn't like the work I did at all,  a lot of things happened and after a couple of years it even made me sick. It was that bad that I needed help from psychiatrists and psychologists to keep going. For over two years I was in a mental institution, during the day. Some people might be shocked over my confession, but I was and am not ashamed about it. I needed help and I got it. Never was a secret. That was about fourteen years ago.


After that I had to do something and decided I had to do some work I really liked, so I started working at an animal shelter. Great work. Sadly enough I lost my dad in that first year, but my colleagues helped me. Also working with the animals and giving them new homes did a lot for me.

 A few years ago I started to feel sick, didn't know what it was,  it went away, it came back. First I was just tired, but then the pain started. Shoulder, other shoulder, both shoulders and before I knew it, it went all through my body.  Actually Lisa was the one who recognized the symptoms and my doctor and physical therapist were good enough to take it seriously. So, now I'm home, spend a lot of time with my mom. I take care of my own animals, 4 ponies,  (one is sold and will leave soon to his new, very good, home), three dogs, five cats. Couple of fishes too. I have to admit, I wasn't happy, not at all. But it is as it is. This is me. I also found out that when something like this happens to you, some "good" friends aren't so good. My best friend started to behave as if she was jealous. Never understood that and after a while and a couple not so nice telephone calls and e-mails I decided to stop our friendship.  Also my "boss" thought it was all ridiculous and just turned around when I  told him I couldn't do the work anymore. Bye bye  twelve years, no thanks, no get well, nothing. When I left the shelter I had to stop the car around the corner. I couldn't drive because I cried my eyes out.  I think later he realized something was really wrong with me. People can be so stupid.

Mulder's Refuge (run by list mom Vickie Moseley) gave me many new friends though and I'm very happy with that. I've even met Lisa twice and in October I will be going to the convention to see the LONE GUNMEN and meet more of you.  Never thought I would ever do something like that. And what the future will bring, I don't know. I try to live by the day.


Reading this it sounds like I had a bad life. Well it wasn't a party all the time, but compared to others it wasn't that bad. I have my own house, a car, I have enough money to live a "normal" life. It's just another kind of life I guess.  I love the X files, especially DD. MSR. I haven't been writing long but hope to have more stories up very shortly. Hope you enjoy my website.